Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy.

Here in NAB, we care about you and your personal privacy as we value the safety of your information the most. In order to service you with our technology, there is a procedure in which you will submit some photos and we will make the 3D of it available for you. We ensure you that your photos or any other data you might provide will not be kept in any way and will be deleted right after you close a project. You might be asked to provide us your basic information to create a profile by which you can log in and create projects. A proper username and password of your choice and your valid email address suffices the information we need to do so. You must also provide your bank account information to the webpage of the bank to pay for the service you receive, needless to say NAB has no access to the mentioned information what so ever and it will be directly between you and the bank by redirecting you to the bank's webpage. It is important that you only are charged when you OK the 3d preview you see and download it. That means you are not being charged for the photos you upload and the process of making 3d image, no matter how many photos you use, what size they are and how heavy is your project. The payment only occur when you accept the 3d preview you had ordered by admitting everything being OK and click to download it as the resulted output pf your project. At that time your account will be charged by the price declared for one project (so called one scan).

NAB will keep the right to use statistical results of your usage (which means only the number of your requests, the size of your photos and the time it will take) to improve its performance. Your email address will only be used to check your account in NAB and basic information and any important notification such as change in terms and conditions of use. In other cases if you deliberately provide us with your cellphone number or any extra information, it means you allow us to be in contact with you with any newsletter, promotion offer or so. It is obvious that you may unsubscribe any time you wish.

You may check the validity of the numbers/email addresses that we contact you by, in Contact us page in our website. It is your own responsibility to protect your security data such as password. However you may request to retrieve or change it by your email address (or any extra information you may want to provide) at any time. NAB would keep personal identity of the users private and will never reveille any information unless by according the approved regulation of Islamic Republic of Iran and only to the proper governmental authority.

According to the national regulations, NAB has to store the IP and related cookies in some safe place, but spectacular safe programming of our services will make sure your data will never reveille. We do our best to keep our software always up-to-date and at the edge of safety improvement to make the best and most enjoyable experience available to you.